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How To Make New Friends?

Are you ready to discover the secrets of people who constantly make many new friendships?

This goes very well, and it is the first step, but stopping and staying alone knowing new people will not give you much, it is necessary, in fact, to know how to behave in practice when you meet new people. No, I’m not talking about basic education, I imagine that you already have it and I take it for assimilated. I speak of something very useful, a series of ways of doing things, behavioral attitudes that are used, unknowingly, by people who constantly make new friends.

Making new friends may be very difficult at first and more if you have many insecurities, but it does not have to be that way if you overcome them, for example, if your insecurity is not having an athletic body you can go to the gym to do what is necessary to solve it, or if your teeth require attention, you can go to a dentist in Tijuana.

  1. REMEMBER THAT “CREATING NEW HUMAN RELATIONS IS FANTASTIC” This mentality is just what is useful in social situations where you do not know anyone. We are social animals, we are made to be with others, we try to overcome that small wall of shyness that blocks us from time to time, and meeting new people is an experience that brings us many positive emotions and values? to our life. If you start from this concept in your head you will have 50% of the work already done, but let’s continue …
  2. MAKE A STEP MORE THAN OTHERS When two new people meet each other normally there will be one of them that will be more open than the other, will do more questions, will try to generate more dialogue and thus achieve a greater knowledge of both parties. It may be something imperceptible, but these two types of people will always exist. What you should do is be the one who “takes the first step”, therefore be open and create friendship. 

This is not complicated, just follow the mentality actions we have seen in point 1, therefore not be the one that expects others to do, rather, on the contrary, be the one that makes things happen and promote the new friendship. Start everything with smiling, being the first to introduce yourself and start the conversation.

  1. FIND POINTS OF INTEREST It is not necessary, but it can be very useful to find common ground with the new people you know. Imagine this situation: you are talking to a new person and the conversation is not very interesting. Then … at a certain point, by chance, you discover that the two are passionate about kite surfing. I assure you that at that moment they will start talking about kite surfing and the conversation will be much more spontaneous and light, consequently you will feel one more open with the other and there will be more possibilities to create a new friendship. How do you find points of interest? 

Simple: talking and asking questions. Let the conversation flow and when you find ideas ask questions to deepen. Let’s make an example? If the other person says “Yesterday I was on vacation because I went to play sports, it was a perfect day”, ask her what sport she does and take an interest in her response. Maybe he does some sport you know little about, then ask him for more information! Realize that it is not a “trick”, being curious to know more about the world around us is an excellent feature.