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Why the Case Backhoe is Considered to be the Best Investment

The backhoe loader is considered by many contractors and other professionals to be the workhorse of any fleet. That said, finding a backhoe loader that will prove to be the best investment is critical to one’s organizational growth. Just talk to any fleet manager, and most will argue that when you invest in a Case backhoe you are getting unparalleled high-quality and reliability that can’t be touched. This article will go into more detail as to why the Case backhoe is so highly regarded. 

The Case Backhoe is a True Original

One of the biggest reasons why the Case backhoe is a clear favorite is simply this: Case invented the world’s first backhoe. In the mid 40s a utility in Massachusetts put out the call for a single piece of construction equipment that can perform the roll of three separate machines, and Case stood up to the challenge successfully designing the backhoe loader. Clearly, you aren’t going to get the same quality in a backhoe than what’s found in the ingenuity behind the brand that actually invented the machine. Veteran fleet managers, contractors and urban planners want the true original, and this is why the Case backhoe loader is a clear favorite.

A Case Backhoe Comes with the Best Technicians in the Industry

In order for your backhoe to be a solid investment, you need the right technical team in your corner performing routine maintenance, making speedy repairs when accidents occur, and a care plan to stretch out the machine’s lifetime value. 

First of all, Case mechanics are trained to solely work on Case machines, and they never touch any other brand. In fact, they aren’t even “mechanics”. Each tech has been hand-recruited and gone through rigorous training and testing to earn the title of Case Master Technician. These experts are a main reason why Case has the longest lifetime value when compared to other machines. So naturally, many fleet managers invest in a Case backhoe knowing that the best techs in the country are working to keep every piece of equipment in new working order. 

Comfort, Performance and Power

The Case Tier 4 Final N Series backhoes are known as the most versatile machines that were engineered to out-perform other machines. The Case backhoe has been awarded and recognized for having the best breakout force, highest lifting capacity, fastest loading speed, and one of the quietest cabs giving the operator total comfort. From snow removal to excavating, to craning, loading or grading, the Case backhoe is known to be an ideal option to do any job, in a super efficient manner. 

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