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How Can A Dentist Improve The Experience Of His Workers?

The workers, also known as internal customers, are all those who work within the organization, playing a role of utmost importance for the growth of a company. In this case, it is the work team that works together with the dentist, so it is essential to pay as much attention as possible to this public, to increase the productivity of workers.

One of the main problems that exist in dental offices is that they consider the client only those who consume the products or services. Still, they need to understand that employees fall into the category of internal clients and consumers as external clients.

There are three types of internal clients:

Executives – work team: These are the people who have the most contact with external clients, i.e., patients.

Commercial- receptionist: The contact with the external client is direct; this helps them to have a better vision about the thoughts that the public has about the products that the dental clinic offers.

Operative- dentist in Tijuana: They are the individuals who are in charge of carrying out the treatments, the final quality depends on them.

Things to use to improve the internal customer experience

  1. The internal public must be informed about the importance of your work, as well as the work you will do within the clinic. This is to ensure that there are no misunderstandings.
  2. The dentist must provide them with the necessary tools so that the internal client can improve their professional and personal growth.
  3. The entire internal public must be aware of the patient’s experience.
  4. If there is to be an increase in productivity, without failure in the process. Internal communication should be well-flowed, with each worker having access to information so that they are aware of changes both inside and outside the dental office.
  5. The clinic, if it wants to improve the quality of its internal client, can opt for an internal analysis where the performance of those working within the office is evaluated.
  6. They should be given the necessary tools to carry out their work in the office. In doing so, not only does the person benefit but also the organization itself.
  7. The dental office should provide the internal public with enough confidence so that they feel part of the company and, therefore, improve the quality of their work.
  8. The worker must be motivated because it has been seen that any company that provides its internal customers with the necessary motivation; they increase their productivity and quality in their work.
  9. The workers must also be working in the right environment, that is to say, that they not only have the necessary tools but that all the workers are respectful and friendly.
  10. If necessary, activities can be employed to improve communication between the workers themselves and from the worker to the dentist; these activities can be carried out outside the clinic or inside.

The growth of the company depends a lot on the internal worker, that’s why we are continually looking for techniques that allow us to improve the work of the employees, but in a way that is not stressful for them, where they can enjoy their work and can enhance their professional and personal growth.